Our Company

As our company name and mission implies, Retirement Plan Consultants is focused on assisting with the design, implementation, and maintenance of company sponsored retirement plans for both plan sponsors and participants. Our President and founder, Jere El-Bakri, began his career as an individual wealth manager but quickly discovered the extreme need in preparing the American workforce for retirement. Retirement Plan Consultants was founded on this principal and has been assisting hundreds of plan sponsors and thousands of plan participants in pursuing retirement readiness.

Since our beginning, we have specialized in Small Business Qualified Plans, and more specifically, 401(k) plans. Our partners include some of the most recognized and respected investment platforms in the country. Retirement Plan Consultants is constantly researching 401(k) investment platforms, operation methods, national compliance topics, plan performance, and participant education delivery to insure your company’s sponsored retirement plan runs as efficient as possible.

It has been said that brakes don't stop your car, tires do. We believe that success at the participant level is where the rubber meets the road with a small business retirement plan.

Our Leadership


Jere El-Bakri, AIF

President-Retirement Plan Consultants, Inc.

Jere El-Bakri is a Registered Principal of LPL Financial and the President of Retirement
Plan Consultants, Inc. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Microbiology from Utah State University. His career focus is to increase the retirement readiness of individuals, and to educate companies and their employees about retirement plans.